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Whether you’re trying to get in shape, stay in shape, or simply want to relax your mind along with your body, Broward Community Schools is the perfect place to come, relax, and rejuvenate your body with our affordable yoga course.

The time has come to get that yoga mat and gym bag sitting in the trunk of your car and sign up for any of our many yoga classes. We offer several yoga classes that focus on the mind as well as the body. With the stresses of life remember that mental relaxation is just as, if not more, important than physical relaxation, and we’re here to provide the best ways for both.

Namaste your way to better posture, more efficient breathing and a more relaxed sense of being. Sign up for any of our Yoga classes and start the path to enlightenment at browardcommunityschools.com.

Summer Camps

Summertime is fun time at Broward Community Schools! We have a number of very affordable options to help keep the kiddos busy this summer. From little ones to teens we have a summer camp for many ages!

Whether you kids are training to be a swimmer, honing their music skills or working on being a tennis pro, each of the courses at Broward Community Schools are here to take them to the next level. We even have a theatre camp with full-on productions.

Your kids will make incredible summer memories with the affordable arts and athletic courses at Broward Community Schools. Find out more at browardcommunityschools.com.

Arts and Crafts

Do you have a creative side that’s just waiting to get out? If so, then you’ll go crazy over

Broward Community Schools affordable arts and crafts classes. Enjoy quality art instruction, have fun and meet new people in a creative learning environment. Our instructors are professional working artists with a passion for teaching everyone of all ages and abilities.

Let your creativity take flight with painting, pottery, clay, water color, photography, mosaic tile and stained glass, art and mixed media, sewing and more. The time has come to let your inner Van Gogh out. Visit browardcommunityschools.com and register now.

Computer Applications

Steve Jobs once said, “Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday.” Which means it’s never too late for you to become a computer whiz, and Broward Community Schools has the classes to make it happen.

From the intro to computers, to how to use certain programs on them and beyond, Broward Community Schools helps you understand how to use computers and how they can best serve you. We want to give you the right tools and, more importantly, the right teachers.

Don’t wait any longer, tomorrow starts now, and so does your education on how to make the most of computers. Whether you’re learning Microsoft office, learning how to use the computer, or how computers work in general, Broward Community Schools has you covered. So, take the first click and register today at browardcommunityschools.com.

Lap Swimming

Michael Phelps started swimming at the age of seven simply because his mom wanted him to learn how. Now maybe you’re not looking to be the next “Baltimore Bullet”, but swimming is an excellent, low impact way to stay in shape. Our Lap Swimming sessions at Broward Community Schools is great way to do it.

You’ll get 16 sessions at the South Broward Community School Aquatic Center

to perfect your swim technique or just maintain a high level of fitness. It really is a stroke of genius!

To start your laps, register online anytime at www.ed2go.com/bcsonline.

Floral Design

Let your creative passion run wild with our Floral Design Program at Broward Community Schools. You’ll get instruction from floral design professionals who will teach you the necessary principles and techniques of floral designs.

You’ll learn how to correctly handle and care for flowers, how to use a floral knife and clippers and the ins and outs of color design and arrangement.

Come discover the fun of creating beautiful arrangements using fresh flowers.

You’ll be glad you picked Broward Community Schools. Register today at browardcommunityschools.com.