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Lifelong Learning Classes are Open!

Classes are now open at Broward Community Schools! Don’t miss the start of our Fall term and sign up now while classes are still open!


Whether you’re looking to learn more about Digital Photography, learn a new language, try your hand in creative writing, take a computer class, or even learn how to better prepare meals from a cooking class, we’re here to help enrich and fulfill your life with many options for hobby classes. No matter if you’re looking to spice up your weekends, fill your empty nest, or go from good to great in your studies, we’ve got tools you need at the times that best suit you, for the prices you can afford.


Don’t wait! Register today to get on the path of a fun new hobby or further your academic or career skills!

Program Overview: Web Design

You visit them, you browse them, you’re on one right now! Web pages consume a lot of our time and now is the time to learn to design your very own!  Broward Community Schools, you’ll get the full scope of design so that you understand each and every detail and step along the way to becoming a web designer.


You’ll learn the base understanding of CSS3 and HTML5, along with Javascript, to help you build your very own webpage! Start your own business, help out a friend, teach it yourself or just enjoy expanding your knowledge by learning web design and the possibilities, like the Internet itself, are endless.


Contact us today to learn more!

GED® Preparation Courses

When it comes to thinking about higher education, higher income and a better career, earning your GED® Diploma is the right choice. At Broward Community Schools, we offer GED® preparation courses to get you ready to earn your GED®  diploma.


Research shows that people with a GED®  diploma or High School diploma certificate make an average of $385,000 more in their lifetime than people without one.


As a student of our GED® preparation courses, you’ll be instructed in reading/language skills, mathematics, science and social studies so that when the test time comes, you’ll not only be prepared, but ready to face any challenge and start on the path of earning more and living a more fulfilling life. We help prepare for your GED®  Diploma to help prepare you for a better future.


Sources: http://www.passged.com/articles/2_GED_Benefits_What_Good_is_the_GED.php

Why Choose Broward Community Schools?

When you choose Broward Community Schools, you’re not simply choosing a location to learn, you’re choosing a beacon of learning that offers more locations, lower costs, better class times, and a wider range of class options. So, why choose Broward Community Schools? Because it’s Better at Broward!


We offer multiple classes at over 20 locations throughout Broward County. Ranging anywhere from hobby classes that can enrich your life, to improving your education and academic career with English Classes, GED® preparation courses, and adult education, we’ve got the class, and the location that you’re looking for! Stop by or call any of our Broward Community Schools locations, to see endless opportunities and a new path for a better you!

Online Courses

As we all know, the internet can offer just about anything you’re looking for and our online courses are no exception!  When you explore Broward Community Schools’ online courses, you can learn just about anything you want to. Sharpen a skill or acquire a new one. Access our online learning any time, 24/7 through our online courses.


With all courses at Broward Community Schools, online courses are not just a lot of fun to take, but are convenient, affordable and fit your busy schedule. Whether you’re interested in updating a skillset for your career or just looking for a new hobby, we’re here to help!


Instead of poking around online, looking for the next funny meme, start down the path of educational, informational, and recreational courses to enjoy and grow yourself. Broward Community Schools wants to cultivate the perfect environment for you to enjoy your studies and apply them to best suit your needs and career goals.

Fall 2017 Registration

Looking to take spice up your kitchen skills with a cooking class, or twirl your way around a dance floor? Ready to ace the completion on the tennis courts?

Look no further than Broward Community Schools!

Registration opens on August 7th for a new term full of fun and learning.

Whether you’re interested in honing in on new computer skills, or learning how to play guitar, we have classes that can fit anyone’s hobbies or interests. Broward Community Schools offer affordable classes in your local community, throughout Broward County. Our top-notch instructors will have you enjoying a new hobby and learning skills in your free time.

Registration opens on August 7th and the new term begins on August 28th. Don’t miss out to make this the year of the better you at Broward Community Schools!