Instructional Opportunities at Broward Community Schools

Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor for Broward Community Schools and Adult Centers. We are committed to providing our residents with high quality, enthusiastic, lifelong learning instructors.

We are always looking for qualified instructors for classes to respond to community wants and needs. Please familiarize yourself with the categories of classes we offer by browsing the listing on the right of the Home page. Contact our Broward County area schools if you have any questions about being an instructor.

PLEASE NOTE: To be considered to teach, you must be able to document your professional expertise in the subject.  In the “Comments” section below, please be sure to include: the title of the course(s) you wish to teach and the location(s) you would like to teach at.

HIRING PROCESS: All positions are part-time. The hiring process includes following all Broward County Public Schools employment procedures, including completing the Instructional Staffing application, providing transcripts, and being fingerprinted through the Broward County Public Schools

There are two types of applications we accept:

1. Suggest to Teach a New Class
3. Positions for Academic Instructors