(GED)® Programs in Broward County

 GED Classes in Broward County

Our General Educational Development/High School Equivalency, GED® Prep program at Broward Community Schools prepares you for academic and personal success. You’ll obtain the necessary skills required to pass the GED® exam and earn a State of Florida High School Diploma. Our GED® Prep program strives to motivate you, not only to earn a high school diploma but also to utilize those skills in the workforce or in continuing your education in Florida.

As a student, you’ll receive individualized instruction in preparing for the GED® exam. Your instruction centers on the subject areas:

Reading/Language Arts (RLA)
Social Studies

To enhance your learning, you’ll be able to use computers and specialized software to increase skill(s) and to explore college and careers.

The length of the time spent in this program is based upon your individual needs. This is an open-entry/open-exit program where you have the flexibility to enter and exit the program at any time and progress at your own pace.

Cost: $30 per semester

Activity Fee: A $20.00 Student Activity Fee is charged one time per person, per campus, per school year. This fee is used to offset the costs of providing school security and campus-related activities.

Assessment Fee: A $15.00 Assessment (testing) Fee for ABE/GED® CASAS Goals & TABE initial & post testing is charged.

Convenient class times and locations: We are now open for in-person learning as well as distance learning for ABE/GED® classes. All 60 locations throughout Broward County are open for in-person learning with daytime and nighttime scheduling available.

To fill out an application, please visit browardfocus.com/apply.

Ready to get started? Just go to any of the following community schools, centers, or off-site locations listed below during registration hours.
Find GED prep locations, registration, and testing times here.

Need more information? Please call: 754-321-7600 or email:
[email protected]
For Community School North locations:
(Coral Springs Community School, Crystal Lake Community School, Dave Thomas Education Center, Fort Lauderdale Community School, Northeast High Community School, Piper High Community School and Taravella High Community School)

[email protected]
For Community School South locations:
(Hollywood Hills Community School, Lauderhill Middle Community School, Miramar High Community School, Nova Community School, Plantation Community School, South Broward Community School, Tequesta Trace Middle Community School and W.C. Young Middle Community School)


What is a GED®?

GED® stands for General Educational Development. It is a program that provides an opportunity for individuals who did not complete high school to earn a high school equivalency credential. The GED® test measures knowledge and skills in four subjects: language arts (reading and writing), mathematics, science, and social studies. The test is designed to assess the level of knowledge that is equivalent to that of a high school graduate. Passing the GED® test can help individuals further their education, qualify for certain jobs, and gain access to higher education and training opportunities. The GED® test can be taken at official testing centers, and there are many resources available to help individuals prepare for the test.

How long does it take to get a GED®?
  • The length of time it takes to get a GED® can vary depending on the individual’s circumstances and preparation. However, the actual GED® test itself is a timed exam that takes about 7.5 hours to complete. The test is divided into four sections, which can be taken separately or all at once, depending on the testing center’s policies.
  • In terms of preparation, some individuals may be able to pass the GED® test after only a few weeks of studying, while others may need several months or even a year to prepare. Preparation time can depend on factors such as the individual’s level of academic skills and knowledge, their study habits and dedication, and the resources and support available to them.
  • Overall, the length of time it takes to get a GED® can vary widely, but with proper preparation and dedication, it is possible to pass the GED® test and earn a high school equivalency credential.
How can I get my GED® in Florida?
  • To get a GED in Florida you must meet eligibility requirements. To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, not currently enrolled in high school, and not have graduated from high school. Individuals who are 16 or 17 years old may also be eligible to take the GED test if they meet additional requirements, such as providing proof of parental consent. The student would then need to create an account on the GED website and prepare for the test.
How should you study for the GED®?
  • To study for the GED® test, follow these steps:
  • Know what to expect: Understand the format and content of the GED® test. Take a practice test to assess your skills and identify areas where you need improvement.
  • Use study guides: Study guides, available on the GED® website or in book form, provide detailed information on each subject area and offer practice questions to help you prepare.
  • Practice with sample tests: Take practice tests, which are also available on the GED® website. These tests can help you get used to the test format and timing.
  • Consider taking classes: Consider taking GED® preparation classes or working with a tutor to get extra help in areas where you may be struggling.
  • Create a study schedule: Set aside dedicated study time each day or week to ensure that you stay on track.
  • Stay motivated: Stay motivated and focused by setting goals, rewarding yourself for progress, and seeking support from family and friends.
  • By following these steps, you can prepare for the GED® test and increase your chances of success.