Adult Education and High School Diploma Alternatives

Alternatives for Receiving Your High School Diploma at Our Broward Adult Education Schools

It’s never too late to earn your high school diploma! Broward Community Schools serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and all surrounding areas offer various options for adult learners seeking a high school diploma.

The benefits of earning a high school diploma are numerous, from more employment opportunities and higher wages to continuing your education at a college or technical school. Our classes are conveniently located throughout Broward County with day, afternoon and evening hours. You progress at your own speed and have access to web-based software 24/7. Classes are taught by certified teachers who specialize in working with adult learners.

Adult Basic Education Near Me in Broward County, FL (ABE)
For students needing to learn or to improve basic reading, writing, language and mathematics skills in preparation for earning their high school diploma.

General Educational Development (GED)
For students preparing to take the GED/High School Equivalency exam to earn a High School Diploma.

Adult High School Diploma
For students needing only a few credits to graduate.

Co-enrolled classes
For currently enrolled high school students who need to recover or earn credits to graduate on time.

Literacy Programs
Our Family Literacy Program provides opportunities for parents and children to learn together. Our Adult Reading Program is for adults who want to learn to read or improve their reading.

Contact any of our Broward community schools today to learn more information, or to get the application process started!


What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment, also known as dual credit, is a program that allows high school students to enroll in college-level courses while still attending high school.

How does dual enrollment work?

With dual enrollment, students have the opportunity to earn both high school credits and college credits simultaneously for the same courses. This provides students with a head start on their college education and can lead to cost savings and a smoother transition to higher education.

What is high school equivalency?

High school equivalency refers to a credential that individuals who did not complete high school can earn as a way to demonstrate academic knowledge and skills equivalent to those typically acquired through a high school education. It is recognized by educational institutions, employers, and government agencies as a substitute for a traditional high school diploma.

What is adult basic education?

Adult Basic Education (ABE) refers to educational programs and services designed to help adults who have limited or no formal education acquire basic literacy, numeracy, and other essential skills. These programs provide them with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary for personal, educational, and professional development.