Broward Community Schools believes in education for everyone, that’s why we offer Adult General Education courses at locations throughout Broward County. Whether you’re looking for improvements in your reading, writing, language and math skills or preparing for your GED® test , we’re here to make sure you have the appropriate guidance to lead you through.

Continuing education for adults is a great opportunity to finish your education and gain better-paying employment opportunities. We take pride in these courses and make sure everyone who takes part in them gets exactly what they need to propel them to a better life.

At Broward Community Schools, you can continue basic education, take GED® preparation courses to obtain your GED® diploma, or adult high school diploma, make up courses that were missed previously, or work on literacy courses. All of the above and many more courses allow for a richer life, more rewarding and helps you on your way to a new career. Contact us to learn more about any of our courses or register with us today!