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Online Course – Web Design

You’re sitting at your computer right now wondering how Broward Community Schools’ site was built. You’re clicking on links, reading this blog and thinking to yourself, “I bet I could do something like this.” Now, you can! Register for classes beginning on January 14th and get ready to begin your new hobby/career of web design.


With our course of web design, you’ll learn an array of graphics and design elements that will help not only set your web page apart from the rest, but also set you up with a new, marketable and useful skill. Anyone can create a web page, but not everyone has the skills and understanding to fully do it. Let our experts teach you the skills and knowledge base to create and design a website!

Once you’ve understood and mastered the web design course at Broward Community Schools, we can help move you on to bigger courses or you’ll be able to set off on your own and work in a web design field, either for your company you work for or your own business.

Program : Languages

Are you traveling to a new country, looking to sharpen your foreign language skills or looking to communicate better with friends and family from another country?  Look no further than Broward Community Schools! We offer Spanish I, Spanish II and French language courses to help you learn a new language and communicate effectively.

We’ll teach you the skills to help put your newly learned language into practice at work, hanging out with friends or while abroad!


Don’t wait any longer to book that incredible, overseas trip, don’t wait another minute to enhance your language skills, begin with Spanish 1, Spanish 2 or French today! At Broward Community Schools, your courses have better times, better cost and make you better! Registration is open now and classes begin on January 14th!

Program: Clay Sculpting and Clay Studios

Broward Community Schools gives the ability to not just learn a new skill, but to create art all your own. With Clay Sculpting, you can not only visual a new art piece, but build it yourself.


Over the 8-week course, you’ll develop your clay skills to build your own masterpiece. With our clay studio classes, you’ll learn the four techniques of clay; pinch, slab, coil and wheel throwing. No matter your skill level, this is the perfect class for all things Clay! Just bring along your basic pottery tool kit and your own imagination to your first class to get started!


The time to start learning and developing sculpting skills starts now! Don’t wait to start a new hobby. Registration is open now and classes start on January 14th.

When you can learn a new skill that helps you create amazing pieces of art, you realize you have the ability to do anything.

Register Now

The new year is approaching and it’s time to start on the new you! At Broward Community Schools, you don’t need to wait any longer! Registration is open so get ready! The new term begins on Monday, January 14th fresh for the New Year!  Whether you’re new year’s resolution is to continue learning a new, fun skill or just adding to your resume of skills, Broward Community Schools is here for you!


Learning a new skill? Introducing yourself to computers? Learning to speak more than one language? Why not try and make 2019, the year of YOU! With a course to fit every need or want, what do you have to lose?


You’re ready to ring in the New Year so why not do it with new classes? Broward Community Schools provides flexible class times, over 20 locations and a huge variety to choose from.  Make 2019 the year of you when you begin classes on January 14th. Register at any one of our convenient locations throughout Broward today for knowledge tomorrow

Lifelong Learning: Post Retirement

Have you become an empty nester and retired from your career? Looking for something fun to do with your friends or significant other in your spare time? Broward Community Schools is here to help!

We offer informative and enjoyable classes at low costs to fit anyone’s lifestyle and passions. Whether you want to take affordable language classes for a trip abroad, learn dynamics of clay sculpture, step up your baking skills, or learn to cha-cha, we’ve got classes for everyone’s interests.

Our classes are located throughout Broward County at times that are convenient for your lifestyle. Our expert teachers are ready to help you dive into a new hobby for a better you, post-empty nest and post-retirement.

Our next classes begin April 9th. Don’t delay, sign up today!

Program: Test Preprapation

It’s that time of year again for many headed to college or further education. It’s time to take those standardized tests. Broward Community Schools wants to help prepare in the best possible way to help ease your test anxieties and set you on the road to success!

Each test the SAT/ACT tests have will be studied and reviewed in depth to give you the best test preparation possible. Not to mention, with changes on both the SAT and ACT, our courses are designed to keep you up to date on rule changes and new sections of each test. Our goal is to help you achieve your goal, and passing these tests is the first step.

Our test prep classes also offer tips on time management on test day, scoring processes and general standardized test-taking skills. SAT/ACT test preparation at Broward Community Schools is the best way to get you prepared for a new adventure.