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Digital Photography Level 2

This course is based on a strong understanding of how light works. This course will demystify the fundamentals of lighting and give you the concrete skills you need to get a powerful image using the right lighting every time you shoot. Gabriel will cover everything you need to know about hard, soft, directional, and diffused light. You will learn about reading natural light and manipulating it with tools like reflectors and diffusion panels. Gabriel will also guide you through working with light in a studio enviroment. You'll explore using basic studio lights to manipulate and shape light working with fixed and speedlights.

Fees: $107.00

Dates: 04-09-19 - 05-28-19

Time: 5:45PM - 8:45PM

Days: T

Number of Sessions: 8

Instructor: Butensky

Room: 811

Taravella High Community School

10600 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs , FL 33071
(754) 322-2400

Activity Fee:
A $20.00 Student Activity Fee is charged one time per person, per campus, per school year. This fee is used to offset the costs of providing school security and campus-related activities.

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