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Class Offerings


  • Analog (Film) Photography

    Taravella High Community School
    5:45PM - 8:45PM Days: M

    Jump into the world of black and white film Analog photography. It is a simple Shoot, Process & Print format. Gabe Butensky will guide you through the steps towards creating beautiful B&W prints from your own negatives. Gabe will also cover: Film camera types, Film formats, Film speed and Tips & Tricks for loading your first few rolls of film. Working in our darkroom, you will learn the art and craft behind the resurgence of classic analog photography. All darkroom equipment, chemicals and paper will be supplied. You need to bring multigrade RC paper, a film camera, and B&W film. Learn More

  • Digital Photography Level 1

    Taravella High Community School
    5:45PM - 8:45PM Days: Th

    This class covers the principles of manual camera operation in depth. How to control exposure using the built-in light meter and setting the camera's ISO, speed and aperture in order to reach a creative manual exposure. The class also covers the use of different white balance settings, depth of field, focusing settings. Students will learn how to force their camera to take a creative picture (neither too bright nor too dark). The goal of this class is to master your camera's controls so you and your camera can work together in harmony. Includes interesting field trips. For this class, your camera must be a DSLR. Learn More

  • Digital Photography Level 2

    Taravella High Community School
    5:45PM - 8:45PM Days: T

    This course is based on a strong understanding of how light works. This course will demystify the fundamentals of lighting and give you the concrete skills you need to get a powerful image using the right lighting every time you shoot. Gabriel will cover everything you need to know about hard, soft, directional, and diffused light. You will learn about reading natural light and manipulating it with tools like reflectors and diffusion panels. Gabriel will also guide you through working with light in a studio enviroment. You'll explore using basic studio lights to manipulate and shape light working with fixed and speedlights. Learn More

  • Photography: Digital I

    Hollywood Hills Community School
    6:00PM - 9:00PM Days: W

    Learn to take better photos with a Certified Photography Instructor. You'll develop your personal artistic expression through the use of solid camera basics using Shutter speed, aperture, ISO settings along with creative composition. Supply fee includes 16x20 framing kit for final project. Includes fun field trips. Classes run: 4/10,17,24, 5/1,8,15,22,29 Additional Materials: Additional Materials: Point and Shoot or SLR camera. Blank Memory Cards, Camera Battery. $20 Activity Card required each school year. Learn More