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Class Offerings

Children & Teens

  • Children's Acting (Ages 7 - 13)

    Piper Community School
    6:00PM - 8:00PM Days: W

    Students will explore various acting techniques such as method acting, improvisation, and acting on stage versus film through several vocal, body warm ups, scripted and unscripted acting exercises. 8 sessions. Learn More

  • Children's Guitar I (Ages 7-13)

    Piper Community School
    5:30PM - 7:00PM Days: T

    Learn to read simple melodies, music and tablature, tune your guitar, and play chords and songs. Study major & minor pentatonic scales; major, minor and power chords. No music background required. Bring your own guitar. See you in class! 8 sessions. Text: Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 1A: The most popular method for learning how to play, For Individuals and class instruction by Morty Manus & Ron Manus ISBN: 33304 Additional Materials: guitar & pick Learn More

  • Children's Piano I (ages 7 - 13)

    Piper Community School
    5:30PM - 7:00PM Days: Th

    Introduce your child to playing beautiful music. Children will learn to read notes, beats, and play basic compositions. Students will learn to identify the keys of the piano keyboard, to read and play basic rhythms and read the treble and bass clef staff. We provide the keyboards to use in class! 8 sessions Text: Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A by Willard Palmer, Morton Manus, & Amanda Vick Lethco ISBN: 882847880 Learn More

  • Swim Team - Minnows (Ages 7-9)

    South Broward Community School
    5:30PM - 7:00PM Days: TTh

    Limited Space, Learn and practice techniques while leaning to complete. No Classes on 11/24/16 Learn More

  • Swim Team - Nemos (Ages 9-12)

    South Broward Community School
    5:30PM - 7:00PM Days: TTh

    On line & In Person registration. Limited space. Some swimming techniques are required. Learn to perfect your swimming techniques. Pool Open: Learn More