ESOL Reading and Writing Courses Are At Broward Community Schools

If you’re on the search for ESOL reading and grammar courses, our Broward Community Schools are here to help. Learning English for speakers of other languages is challenging, but you’re not alone.


With the support of our expert professors, engaged community, and educational resources, you’ll be able to start the journey toward fluency in reading, writing, and grammar with ease and confidence today.


When Studying ESOL, It Helps To:

-Add to your vocabulary

-Read aloud

-Keep a journal

-Speak with friends

-Learn at a Broward Community School

What to Know About Studying ESOL

When you’re ready to begin studying ESOL, here at our Broward Community Schools, there are a few things you’ll want to consider that will make the process smoother and easier.


Add to Your Vocabulary: The more words you are exposed to in a second language, the larger your vocabulary will be and the easier it will be to communicate. Practice reading the newspaper, watching television shows, or even going to websites in English to pick up new words.


Read Aloud: As you’ll learn in our Broward Community School courses, the English language is influenced by many other languages. Reading aloud will help you to further your skills with pronunciation and verbal communication.


Keep a Journal: When you keep a regular journal in a new language, you’ll be able to practice what you have learned in that language and improve your memory for vocabulary.


Speak With Friends: You’ll find students at all of our schools, from Fort Lauderdale Community School to South Broward Community School, who will be eager to help you improve your language skills and help you on your path to fluency.


Take ESOL at a Broward Community School for:

-Online courses

-Inexpensive tuition

-Classes in the morning, afternoon, and night

-Career advising and support

Why Study ESOL at a Broward Community School?

 There are many reasons to make one of our Broward Community Schools the place you turn to first for education in ESOL and more.


We offer a wide variety of courses, from adult education to GED preparation, and we make it easy to get the instruction you deserve at the right price to fit your budget.


We also offer learning resources and tools, like classes at all times of day, career training and advising, and more. Our students speak over 50 different languages, and learning ESOL with a community of enthusiastic, engaged students will help you to find a career you love.


Learn about ESOL classes, adult literacy, and more, here at one of our Broward Community Schools. Request more info today!