ESOL Courses for Adults

Are you interested in developing your English speaking, reading, or writing skills? ESOL courses are English courses for speakers of other languages to help accomplish exactly that. These courses help you perfect your skills in a setting that is most comfortable for you. Broward Community Schools is ready to help you communicate in English with ease.

What Do ESOL Classes Entail?

Our ESOL classes are designed to help you have confidence communicating professionally at work and even develop conversational skills to use with friends and family. They focus on all areas of the English language including reading and writing comprehension, as well as grammar. They also include conversational skills including listening and responding appropriately, including proper pronunciation. Our courses are available in Spanish, Haitian/Creole, Portuguese, and Russian. Our classes range from beginners to an advanced level, so you are getting the skillset you need, as well as the most out of your time.

Online CoursesWhen Are ESOL Courses Available?

We have a variety of courses available with several ESOL locations and hours to work with your existing schedule. We have morning, afternoon, and evening courses in over 60 locations throughout Broward County at our Florida community schools. We understand adding school to your life can be a challenge and we are pleased to offer flexible programs to help accommodate a variety of students and lifestyles. The program is an open-entry, open-exit program, so you have the flexibility to start and stop whenever you’d like. It really is that easy!

How Do I Get Started?

You can contact our team anytime for information about enrolling or even register online. You can also email Margarita Henao Restrepo at for more information. Or, you can simply stop by any of our locations to get started. We have a low cost for a semester of courses, as well as a minimal one-time activity fee (per school year) and assessment fee. We utilize a variety of learning materials to help you feel most confident in your English-speaking skills and knowledge of the language. Want to perfect your English? We can help! Reach out to our team today!