Business Courses for Adults in South Florida

At Broward Community Schools, we dedicate ourselves to providing affordable, competitive business classes to make sure you can find a stable, well-paying career. We make sure that you can learn on your own time without breaking the bank, as well as offering a wide variety of classes. With 160 different business-related online classes, there’s no lack of options to be found here.

Options Galore

While Broward Community Schools courses happen to cover 14 different fields, the business classes are in and of themselves very robust. Covering everything from the A-Z of Grant Writing to the softer skills needed to be successful in working with people, these business classes can give you everything you need to improve your skills. Over nine different categories, these business classes can teach you written and spoken communication just as easily as they can accounting or marketing. And with options to learn at your own pace or to have the experience of working with an instructor, the power is in your hands to succeed.


Business Class Categories:

  • Small Business
  • Finance
  • Soft Skills
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations
  • Project Mgmt.
  • Small Business
  • Soft Skills


Instructor-Led or Self-Paced? You Decide!

Choice is at the heart of Broward Community Schools, and one of the most student-centric choices we’ve made is to let you influence how you experience your adult education classes. With an Instructor-Led class, you have a more traditional experience, with the class being taught either online or in-person, with an online message board for students and teacher to interact. In a self-paced course, you’re given a bit longer to complete the course, but you can work the class at your own pace, helping many students absorb the class material easier. Most self-paced classes are presented in a series, while many of the class suites we offer are instructor-led only.


Suite Versus Series Business Classes

  • Suites: multiple classes taken simultaneously, instructor-led only
  • Series: Instructor-led or self-paced, taken one after the other


Find All Your Options Right Here!

There’s never been a better time to expand your skill set than right now! With the wide array of business classes and so much more available at Broward Community Schools, we’re ready to help you take the best first step possible to a new career. Discover our schools in Fort Lauderdale, and find the right one for you today!