Students looking to improve their literacy skills and advance in the workplace often find themselves wondering, “Where can I find affordable and accessible adult education near me?”

Thankfully, improving your reading and comprehension skills isn’t hard when you sign up for courses at Broward Community Schools. Here’s why you should sign up for adult education near Fort Lauderdale today.

Adult Reading Classes

Many people struggling to advance their careers find themselves struggling due to a lack of reading and English skills. This can be very frustrating for adults and can create a sense of feeling stuck. But by increasing your reading skills, you can gain the edge you need to move forward.

Adult reading classes at Broward are offered with small class sizes and create a supportive setting for everyone to thrive and learn. Classes are structured in a way that provides enhanced career preparedness while challenging each student to reach a higher standard.

In addition to learning reading and speaking skills, students also learn essential skills for succeeding in the workplace. Basic adult reading courses start at $30 per semester, along with a $15 assessment fee and a $20 student activity fee.

Enrollment Options

You can choose either a self-paced version of the course for a more flexible schedule or an instructor-led version to finish in a designated timeframe and with the help of a professor.  Enrolling at Broward Community Schools is the perfect way to move your adult education forward in a low-pressure, supportive environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our course offerings and how to get started!