Accounting Courses for Adults in South Florida

If you’re ready to kickstart your accounting career at an institution with experienced instructors and engaging classes, look to Broward Community Schools. There are some key accounting courses that you will need to complete for your degree, including Accounting with MS Excel 2019 Suite. This course provides you with knowledge, tips, and direction for the operation of the most widely used spreadsheet software around.

Accounting Courses in Broward County

Accounting with MS Excel 2019 Suite

Accounting with MS Excel 2019 Suite is an online course that will share essential accounting skills, while also teaching you how to utilize this key accounting program. MS Excel 2019 enables accountants to create reports – charts, graphs, worksheets, and more – and effectively analyze data. Our course suite will teach you the basics, such as learning how to create workbooks, and educate you on the many functions available. You will also gain insight into the demanding skills necessary for running small to medium-sized businesses.


We offer a number of accounting courses that will prepare you for your career. Accounting Fundamentals will provide you with the basics of the field, while Accounting Fundamentals II will share the skills necessary for corporate accounting. QuickBooks Online is another important suite that departments also use for managing financials. Our schools in Fort Lauderdale offer a range of QuickBooks Online courses for students to enroll in.


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Your accounting career is just around the corner. Enroll in computer software classes that will provide you with the necessary skills for the job, as well as the confidence and courage you deserve. We look forward to your enrollment at Broward Community Schools!