Find Adult Education that Works for You

If you’re looking for a way to find a high school diploma as an adult, then Broward Community Schools is here to make sure that you get a quality education that’s catered to your schedule, so you can get your degree or GED at your own pace. And today, we’re talking about the options Broward Community Schools has for those people who’ve been searching for “community adults school near me.”


Adult Basic Education

For those looking to help prepare themselves for their GED, Adult Basic Education can provide you with the study materials and basic skills to help them succeed. With eighteen campuses throughout the Fort Lauderdale, FL area and beyond, it’s very easy to make sure that you can find classes near you! We help you with courses that sharpen your writing, reading, and math skills, which are great for GED prep, but also are ideal just to keep you sharp.


General Educational Development (GED) Prep

We can also provide you with the opportunity to take your GED/High School Equivalency exam fully prepared. Our extensive GED prep program prepares you to for success so you can get ahead in today’s job market. We ensure that not only will you pass the exam, but you’ll know how to use those skills to find a job, or pursue further education.


Adult High School Diploma Services

Have you’ve recently left high school or have you been out of high school for a while? Our Adult High School Diploma program helps those that need just a few more credits get what they need to earn their high school diploma. Learn at your own pace, and earn your diploma on your own time!

Family Literacy Program in Broward County

Family Literacy Program

Are you looking to involve your kids with a program you’re interested in at Broward Community Schools? Our Family Literacy Programs provide you with the opportunity to learn with your kids, as you study for your GED, learn English, or improve employability skills.


Start Your Journey of Lifelong Education Right Here!

We at Broward Community Schools pride ourselves with giving those who want to learn every opportunity to do so. And if you’re looking for an adult education program that caters to you and your lifestyle, we’re here to accommodate you. Check out our options right here, and see how it easy it is to get started!