How Do I Get My GED? GED Benefits & Eligibility

There are many reasons you may not have finished your high school education. Now, a few years down the line, you’re finding that not having a high school diploma is limiting your options.

GED Classes near me

If you’ve ever wondered if GED classes in Broward County, like the Adult High School Diploma program at Broward Community Schools, are right for you and what you need to do to qualify, we can help.


What’s the GED?

The GED, or General Education Development diploma, is an alternative to the traditional high school diploma. It’s a demonstration that you have subject knowledge in key areas like reading and writing, STEM, and social studies. It’s never too late to start; the average age for a GED student is 26, but we’ve helped students younger than that — and much older — to obtain their GED.


Benefits of Getting Your GED

Getting your GED comes with a number of benefits.

  • More job options than before, especially if you combine your new GED with college test prep and other programs available through BCS
  • Opportunities for advancement in your current job
  • The chance for higher lifetime earnings
  • A lower chance of layoffs, since lower-skilled workers are often let go first
  • The opportunity to continue your education at a trade school or college
  • A sense of accomplishment and self-respect


Who Accepts GEDs

These days, just about everyone. Statistically, 96 percent of employers, community colleges, career schools in Broward County, and anyone else who would need to see a high school diploma for one reason or another will also accept your GED.


GED Qualifications

Just like the GED demonstrates high school-level subject mastery, we need to be sure that you’re ready for your course load before you start. For this reason, the admissions process starts with a series of assessments.


We’ll identify any areas where you might be underperforming, which is common when you’re testing skills you may not have used in years. That way, we can bring you up to speed with other adult education classes, including adult basic education (ABE) in ESL reading if you need a leg up. We know you’ll work hard at this, and we want to make sure you succeed!


What Comes Next?

You probably still have questions about program details, timing, tuition, and more. That’s what we’re here for. Get in touch with an enrollment advisor at Broward Community Schools to take the next step toward a brighter future!