How to Study for a Big Exam in the Fort Lauderdale, FL Area

While it may seem otherwise, your teacher isn’t punishing you by giving you an exam. Testing is simply a way for you to learn. Research shows that people who are tested often learn more and they retain more knowledge compared to those who aren’t.

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Inquire about Topics Covered and Exam Format

Other than taking a class geared around one exam, you can ask your instructor about the specific topics your upcoming test will cover. It’s also advisable to ask about the test’s format. You don’t want to prep for a multiple-choice test when your exam will actually require you to write an essay or two, after all.

Learn Where the Exam Will Be

Depending on the test you’re taking, it might be administered at an unfamiliar location. Learn where the exam will be so you don’t have to rely on potentially faulty directions at the last minute.

Create a Study Schedule

Some students ace tests by cramming, while others do better by studying information in smaller chunks over time. Whether you’re enrolled in adult education classes or a literacy program conducted at one of our Fort Lauderdale-area campuses , create a study schedule for the days leading up to your exam.

Avoid scheduling long, non-stop study sessions. In general, it’s wise to schedule a break every 45 minutes or so.

Join a Study Group

If you’re enrolled in an ESOL program or another class and you have a big exam on the horizon, consider joining a study group. Has no one formed a study group yet? Ask some of your classmates if they’d be interested in forming a study group with you.

Fuel Your Brain

Just like people sign up for our co-enrolled classes to fill their brains with knowledge, you need to fuel your brain before an exam. You should drink plenty of water leading up to and throughout exam day. Fueling your brain with nutritious foods is also a good idea.

Here are some brain-fueling foods you might want to pick up:

  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Blueberries
  • Seeds
  • Yogurt

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