Is it Better Pursue a GED or Take ABE Courses?

Are you ready to enroll in a new adult education course? If so, you might wonder whether or not you should pursue a GED or take ABE courses. They’re actually very different types of programs.


We offer GED courses and ABE, or adult basic education, courses at Broward Community Schools, and we can tell you more about each so that you can decide on your best path forward.


What Courses are Included in Adult Basic Education (ABE)?

An adult basic education isn’t focused on just one particular subject, nor is it aimed at teaching you skills that would come in handy for a particular career or field. It’s focused on a variety of basic skills and subjects that all adults should know.


Performing at the eighth-grade level or below in areas like reading or math can obviously affect your career prospects and cause headaches in your daily life. Adult basic education courses include language arts, mathematics, and reading.


A better knowledge of these subjects can help you become a more well-rounded citizen, and the knowledge gained can form a good base so that you can pursue other educational opportunities and Broward adult education options. One of those could be a GED.

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What is a GED?

A GED is essentially equivalent to a high school diploma. Completing GED classes grants you a credential that can be used to apply to different educational institutions, including trade schools and universities.


Essentially, someone with a GED credential is showing that they have a 12th-grade level knowledge of subjects like social studies, language arts, and math. After this, you just need to complete other college or trade school admissions requirements, like completing the SAT or ACT.


Pursuing a GED is a smart idea for those that didn’t finish out their high school years and didn’t earn an adult high school diploma.

What Class Should I Take?

Now that you know a bit more about each type of class, your path forward should be obvious. If you need to bring skills up from and eighth-grade level, then ABE courses are for you. Those that want to bring their skills up to a 12th-grade level and show equivalence with a high school graduate should consider pursuing a GED.


Pursue Your Next Educational Opportunity!

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