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  • All About Baking

    You will learn the how-to's and tricks of the trade in making all sorts of delicious treats such as cream puffs, delicious cookies, cakes, and more! This class is for anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills. Come join us! 8 sessions. Learn More

  • Ballroom Dance: Latin

    Ballroom dancing is a gentle way to burn calories and tone muscles. Perfect for improving posture, balance, and coordination. An opportunity to set goals, compete and perform. A great activity for couples or singles! You will learn: Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Jie, and Paso Doble. Class will meet in the Bengal Gallery. 8 sessions Learn More

  • Cake Design with Fondant

    Learn to use fondant and gumpaste to create glamorous cakes. Make holiday cakes, theme cakes, create flowers, and much more. Your cakes will be the talk of the town. Taught by a skilled professional. Additional materials are needed for this class. Teacher will hand out supply list first night. Some fondant is included in the price of the class. 8 sessions. Learn More

  • Children's Acting (Ages 7 - 13)

    Students will explore various acting techniques such as method acting, improvisation, and acting on stage versus film through several vocal, body warm ups, scripted and unscripted acting exercises. 8 sessions. Learn More

  • Children's Guitar I (Ages 7-13)

    Learn to read simple melodies, music and tablature, tune your guitar, and play chords and songs. Study major & minor pentatonic scales; major, minor and power chords. No music background required. Bring your own guitar. See you in class! 8 sessions. Text: Alfred's Basic Guitar Method 1A: The most popular method for learning how to play, For Individuals and class instruction by Morty Manus & Ron Manus ISBN: 33304 Additional Materials: guitar & pick Learn More

  • Children's Piano I (ages 7 - 13)

    Introduce your child to playing beautiful music. Children will learn to read notes, beats, and play basic compositions. Students will learn to identify the keys of the piano keyboard, to read and play basic rhythms and read the treble and bass clef staff. We provide the keyboards to use in class! 8 sessions Text: Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A by Willard Palmer, Morton Manus, & Amanda Vick Lethco ISBN: 882847880 Learn More

  • Cupcake/Buttercream Creations

    Make beautiful cupcakes and cakes. Learn to use fondant, make holiday/event themed projects. We'll alternate cakes and cupcakes weekly to guide you to sweet success. Taught by a master with decades of experience. Turn your new skill into a profession. Additional materials may be required. The instructor will provide a supply list the first night of class. No class on 5/28/18. 8 sessions. Learn More

  • Medical Billing & Coding I

    Enjoy this exploration into the ICD 10 and CPT codes. This course does not lead to a state certificate and does not count as continuing education. Medical Terminology is a prerequisite to the coding courses. Three books are required for all 3 coding classes. Please see website or contact the school for textbook titles. 8 sessions. Text: ICD 10 CM 2018 by AAPC, CPT Professional 2018 Edition, Step by Step Medical Coding by Carol J. Buck Learn More

  • Medical Billing & Coding II

    This class gives you an overview about the method of filing an insurance claim with an insurance company. This course does not lead to a state certificate and does not count as continuing education. Medical Billing & Coding I is a prerequisite. No class on July 4, 2018. 8 sessions Text: You will use the same books from Coding I Learn More

  • Medical Billing & Coding III

    In the last course, you will explore how to bill a hospital (UB04 form) and how to understand the EOB. This course does not lead to a state certificate and does not count as continuing education. Medical Billing & Coding II is a prerequisite. 8 sessions. Text: You will use the same books from Coding I & II. Learn More

  • Medical Terminology

    Intro into the basics of medical language used worldwide, including spelling, pronunciation, and meaning. This course is a prerequisite for Medical Billing. Books are extra. Please read chapters 1 and 2 before the first night. 8 sessions. Text: Medical Terminology for Health Professions Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning by Ann Ehrlich and Carol Schroeder ISBN: 9781111543273 Additional Materials: Webster's Medical Dictionary Learn More

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