Whether you’re beginning the path to completing your GED, learning English as a Second Language for a job, or just improving your overall well being for better opportunities in the work force, Broward Community Schools not only provides the best courses for your education, but offers a lower, better price for the courses. It’s not just better at Broward; it’s better for your wallet.


Broward Community Schools understands that life can get in the way sometimes and disrupts education. BCS knows that opportunity is just a few courses away for a better career and a better life. That’s why, for 18-week terms, we offer better pricing to get you back on track, and headed in the direction of your choosing.


With a better grasp of the English language, a GED in hand and more school under your belt, Broward Community Schools promises a better education. There’s no better time than today to begin ESOL or GED Prep courses and there’s no better reason than lower prices for a better opportunity.