What Is the Difference Between ABE and GED?

With a wide array of adult education classes available at Broward Community Schools in Florida, there’s something for nearly everyone. But that might also leave you wondering if you’re making the right choice, especially if you’re trying to decide between our ABE and GED classes.

Are they similar? How are they different? And which one’s right for you? Let’s find some answers!

What Are GED Classes?

GED stands for General Educational Development and is equivalent to a high school diploma. GED classes are a way to sharpen skills you may have had once but have fallen off over the years because you didn’t use them. They’re also a way to pick up skills that you missed because your schooling was interrupted.

Most importantly, a GED assumes that you’re coming to class with certain basics mostly taken care of. Your reading comprehension is good, but your math is rusty; conversely, you may be a math whiz, but history was never your strong suit. GED classes help you fill in the gaps so that you can hit the ground running when it’s time for your test.

What Are ABE Classes?

ABE, or Adult Basic Education, caters to students with subject mastery at or below an eighth-grade level. Unlike GED students, ABE learners are going back to basics in mathematics, reading, and writing. The curriculum extends beyond traditional subjects, including ESOL classes, financial literacy, and family literacy.

How Do I Know Which Classes I Need?

Good news: you don’t have to guess. You will be tested on several subjects, so you’re matched to the classes right for your needs. This will lead you along a path that gets you where you want to be by ensuring you have the tools to make progress without becoming frustrated.

I Have Other Questions. Now What?

Whether you’re seeking a GED testing center near you or have queries about adult education classes, the answers are just a click or a call away. Connect with an enrollment advisor at Broward Community Schools in Florida. They can discuss your background, goals, and schedule, helping you customize a study plan that aligns with your aspirations. Contact Broward Community Schools today and take the first step towards your educational journey.

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