Take your education and career to the next level with the General Educational Development (GED®)/High School Equivalency Prep program at Broward Community Schools. With comprehensive support and guidance from our experienced staff, you’ll gain the necessary skills required to pass the GED exam and earn a state of Florida high school diploma.

What Subjects are Covered in the GED Prep Program?

The GED Prep Program is available in the form of in-person or online classes. The program provides students with individualized instruction in four core subject areas:

1. Reading/Language Arts

Our reading/language arts classes revolve around the reading of various pieces of literature. Students then learn how to analyze and interpret these writings in order to compare, contrast, and discuss elements such as theme, characters and plot.

Reading/language arts is also beneficial as a means of giving students the extensive research and analytical skills they will be expected to utilize in college and/or the working world.

  1. Mathematics

By the time they enter high school, many students will have completed some form of pre-algebra or even algebra 1. The curriculum for our GED classes in math typically entails algebra 1, algebra 2, and geometry. Depending on the student’s skill level and interest, the curriculum might continue with geometry and trigonometry.

  1. Science

Biology and chemistry are the two sciences within our GED Prep Program. Biology is the study of living organisms, with a focus on areas such as anatomy, bodily functions, and ecology – the interaction between living organisms and their environment.

Chemistry, meanwhile, is the study of matter and its composition. Students study the periodic table of the elements: the elements’ discovery, composition, and uses. The atom and the atomic structure are also covered.

4. Social Studies

Social studies comprise of subjects you’ll become proficient in when pursuing your GED through our schools in Broward County, FL. While world history and U.S. history are the primary focus classes, GED social studies instruction may also encompass geography, government, and current events, with the latter covering a range of current ethical, legal, and environmental issues.

Enroll in Our GED Prep Program Today

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