Dive into our Accounting Fundamental Series at Broward Community Schools

Accounting skillAccounting Courses in Broward Countys are certainly a valuable tool, particularly as a business owner. With our Accounting Fundamentals Series of accounting courses, you can learn the basic fundamentals of accounting as well as gain valuable financial knowledge.


Our Accounting Fundamental Series at Broward Community Schools is great for future accountants, entrepreneurs, and students alike.

Accounting Fundamentals

This course introduces you to the basics of accounting and helps prepare you for an accounting career or can just help improve your accounting knowledge. You’ll get hands-on experience in Accounting Fundamentals I working with accounts payable and receivable, payroll procedures, sales tax, and more. You’ll also learn about a variety of topics too.

  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • Analyze and record financial transactions
  • Prepare an income statement
  • Close out accounts at the end of a fiscal period

Accounting Fundamentals II

As you progress to Accounting Fundamentals II, you’ll explore more corporate accounting practices and learn about financial reports for corporations. You’ll also delve deeper into other accounting topics.

  • Special journals
  • Uncollectible accounts receivable
  • Plant assets
  • Depreciation
  • Notes and interest
  • Accrued revenue and expenses
  • Dividends
  • Retained earnings

Accounting Fundamentals Series

The Accounting Fundamentals Series is a combination of both courses. This bundle is an instructor-led course that includes 48 course hours and is available for a discounted price. You do need a computer for this course, either a Mac or a PC will work. You will also need a computer and a printer.

You can also opt to take each of the classes individually as a self-paced tutorial. You get three months access to the course and you can take it any time at your convenience. There are no prerequisites to the course, you just need to be sure to take Accounting Fundamentals I before taking Accounting Fundamentals II.

We have even more accounting courses available for our students including Accounting with QuickBooks, a Financial Analyst Suite, and more. Want to learn more? Reach out to our Miami-area community schools to get more information or to get started with registration. We’re eager to speak with you and can’t wait to play a small part in helping you achieve your dreams!