We have a variety of class offerings at Broward Community Schools, with everything from photography classes to career and technical skills. We are also proud to have an extensive selection of culinary courses. These classes are best for those interested in furthering their cooking skills or even for those considering a career in the culinary arts.

Current Culinary Courses

All About Baking

All About Baking is a course that provides insight to perfecting your baking skills. You will learn to make everything from cookies to cakes to cream puffs and more. The class is offered one evening a week for three hours. There are eight sessions total.

Cake Design with Fondant

Fondant is a specific type of icing used to sculpt or decorate cakes. In Cake Design with Fondant, you will learn how to make all sorts of elegant and themed cakes. This class is taught by a skilled professional and intended to help you make cakes worth talking about! It is also offered one evening a week for three hours. There are eight sessions in all.

Cookies and Sweet Treats!

Cookies and Sweet Treats teaches you how to make all your favorite sweet treats. You will learn how to make cookies, cupcakes, chocolate-dipped treats, and more. You’re sure to have treats everyone will rave about at your next get-together! Cookies and Sweet Treats is offered one evening a week, for three hours total. It lasts for eight sessions.

How to Register for Our Culinary Courses

Our culinary courses are offered at Piper Community School in Sunrise, FL, and registering is easy. You can simply go online to register or contact our school to enroll for “bakery classes near me.” The courses do require a regular course fee, as well as a one-time activity fee. The activity fee is only applied once per student, per school.

Whether you want more information about our community schools or are interested in our online classes, we’re happy to help! Reach out to our team today to further your education with the convenience of our community schools. Your future awaits!