Moving forward with your educational and career goals is entirely possible even if you are no longer enrolled in high school but still have yet to receive your diploma. If you’re looking to further your learning, it’s time to explore ABE courses here at Broward Community Schools. By getting enrolled in the right classes, you’ll be well on your way to earning your high school diploma and preparing yourself for college.

What Topics are Covered in ABE?

If you’re no longer in high school but still need to obtain your diploma, you’ll likely be wondering which topics you can get covered by taking ABE courses. ABE stands for “adult basic education,” which means you’ll complete courses on all of the essential topics you need to graduate.

The topics that you can expect to cover during your ABE coursework include mathematics, reading, writing, and language skills. From here, you can move on to prepare for your GED test by taking GED preparation courses.

Benefits of ABE at Broward Community Schools

Thanks to our array of convenient community school locations near Fort Lauderdale, you will have flexible options for completing ABE coursework and obtaining your high school degree. We offer day, afternoon, and evening courses to make it easier to fit your ABE classes into your schedule.

In addition to getting the help of knowledgeable teachers experienced with adult learners, you will also get 24/7 web access to your coursework, so you can move at your own speed.

To get registered, find the school location nearest to you. You’ll meet with a guidance counselor who will help you find the classes you need and set up your schedule.

Contact us today to learn more and to get started with your educational journey!