Students without a high school diploma still have great options available if they want to advance in their educational and career goals, including getting a GED. But since obtaining a GED requires passing four standardized tests, it can be easy to feel a bit nervous about investing time into studying for your GED tests.

Thankfully, you’ll be set up for success when you take GED courses through Broward Community Schools. Here’s how to give yourself the best shot at passing.

Enroll in GED Preparation Courses

The last thing you want when taking a GED test is to be left scratching your head. GED courses at Broward Community Schools are designed to prepare you for the material you’ll encounter on each GED test, which includes mathematics, social studies, reading, and science.

Use the Resources Available to You

When taking GED test preparation courses, be sure to use all of the resources at your disposal to ensure you have a solid grasp of the material. Using the computers on campus with specialized learning software, talking with your teachers, and referencing online course material will all help you gain confidence when you get close to taking your exams.

Go at Your Pace

GED prep courses at Broward Community Schools are open-entry/open-exit, meaning you can jump into the program and leave it when you feel you are ready for your GED exams.

What you definitely don’t want to do is rush yourself and end up having to retake the exams. Take the time you need to go into each exam confidently.

Take Practice Tests

Learning the material of the GED exams will go a very long way, but you may find that preparing yourself for the pressure of the exam itself may be just as helpful. By taking practice exams, you’ll get an idea of how well prepared you are while getting used to the test environment.

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