You can get your GED, or high school diploma equivalent, here at Broward Community Schools, but you might benefit from taking some ABE classes first. ABE, or adult basic education, can go a long way towards preparing you for your GED exam and additional educational opportunities.

What ABE Covers

Adult basic education covers what most would consider to be the basic skills you need to succeed in school or at a job. Our courses offer basic reading, writing, and math instruction to students who have not reached the level of a typical high school student in these important areas.

An adult basic education is aimed at boosting your skills so that you can continue your education and pursue different opportunities. Getting your GED afterwards is just one path forward.

Who Can Benefit from ABE Courses?

Many people can benefit from ABE courses. Obviously, if you need to improve any of those basic skills we already mentioned, you’re a great candidate for such classes. However, we also want to note that adult basic education courses can be a great choice for anyone who has recently migrated to the country.

If English is your second language, it could be beneficial to take ABE courses in addition to ESOL classes. You could improve your English writing and reading skills significantly, and we can’t understate how helpful that is if you plan to enter the work force or continue your adult education.

Getting Your GED!

The GED program covers many of the same basic skills as adult basic education. Parts of the GED exam cover reasoning and mathematics, and a baseline of solid reading and writing skills is a necessity.

Once you complete your adult basic education, getting your GED is the next logical step. Then there are many more educational and vocational opportunities available to you. We can help you figure out which paths you’ll want to take.