You’ve been working for sometime for other people. You’re tired of the same day-in and day-out routine of your office and feel it’s time for something new.  With Broward Community Schools, starting your own business is closer to your reality than you may think.


We’ll get you set up with our entrepreneurship suite and classes on how to start your own business. This discounted set of courses will help you work online towards your brighter future. Another course that adds to your knowledge is real estate investing. Once you’re making money from your business, it’s always smart to look towards your next investment; we’re here to help.


Aside from the other courses in the curriculum, such as learning to buy and sell on eBay, create a successful business plan and of course, marketing your business on the internet, there are plenty of guides and resources when you come to Broward Community Schools. We want to help you on your way to starting your business and making your contribution to your community mean that much more.