After getting through the holiday season, New Years resolutions and Valentines Day sweetness, March 6th marks when you’re able to sign up for Lifelong Learning classes that begin on March 27th at Broward Community Schools. Whether you’re learning a new skill, enhancing previous ones or just enjoying broadening your culture; BCS Lifelong Learning courses are designed to keep your brain engaged and your happiness at level 10.


Whether you’re learning the culinary arts, broadening your knowledge of computers and the programs used on them, or looking to move and groove to dance courses; Broward Community Schools is here to provide any and all hobby skills, with just one click of a mouse.


Want to learn the art of snapping that perfect picture with photography? Are you looking to casually enjoy the day away with leisure activities like golf? Broward Community Schools has all those courses and many more all beginning when you sign up on March 6th for classes beginning on March 27th. What are you waiting for? Get your hobby on today!