Take Valuable Courses Near Fort Lauderdale, FL and Get Ready for a New Career

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Are you looking to start your career and learn new skills that will help you in your current position or go in a different direction? Then it is time to enroll in Broward Community Schools courses. With options available in-person and online to suit your schedule, you can receive the knowledge you need to succeed in an affordable and accessible way.


If you’re looking to get your GED,  you will receive individualized instruction to learn the necessary skills required to pass the exam and earn a high school diploma. We offer GED prep at a low cost and many schools throughout Broward County.  Due to our dozens of testing locations, when you are ready to take the test, search the web for a “GED testing center near me.”


Increasing your current skillset is easy, as there are hundreds of courses available for you to choose from, ranging from computer software classes to presentation skills. No matter which one you choose, we offer you the flexibility to take them in a way that works for your schedule. Would you rather learn at your own pace? Broward Community Schools offers hundreds of online self-paced courses that start at seven hours and go up to 70, all of which go in-depth enough for you to put what you have studied to practical use.


Prefer to have a more structured way of comprehending material? The instructor-led courses are the right fit for you as they meet at scheduled dates online or in-person, where the instructor will go through the material over a period of time. These courses can start with as little time commitment as eight hours and go up to 72 with our course bundles based around a particular subject, such as the value suite we provide about the Adobe software.


If you are eager to get into a different profession, we have law courses which include becoming a paralegal, sales and marketing classes, exploring a career in the medical field, and so much more! Whatever course you choose, we are confident you will come away informed and ready to put your skills to use.