The Family Literacy Program is at Broward Community Schools

Here at Broward Community Schools, we want to give you the tools you need to succeed in your chosen career and to find growth and opportunity in many exciting industries. That’s why, in addition to providing a wide catalogue of courses in many fields, we also offer courses like the Family Literacy Program, General Educational Development, and more.

Family Literacy Program Requirements

-Parent or guardian must be over 16

-Enrollment in a GED or English course

-Participation in parenting skills training

-Participation in childhood educational activities

What is the Family Literacy Program?

 We believe that community, support, and communication are essential parts of the learning experience. That’s why we offer family learning to fit your educational needs and those of your parents, children, or grandparents.


With our Family Literacy Program, we provide a wide variety of programing including GED practice, ESOL, or English for Speakers of Other Languages, and career training. Parents and children will work together to follow new career paths and utilize our great resources to communicate, get certified, and get the experience they need to find jobs they love.


There are just a few basic requirements to be involved with our Family Literacy Program. Parents or guardians must be over the age of 16, enrolled in an English or GED course, and actively participate in both parenting skills training and childhood education activities. And getting started is easy.

Why Attend a Broward Community School?

-A wide range of online and in-person courses

-Over 20 school locations

-Affordable tuition

-ESOL and GED courses

-Job and career support

Why Attend Broward Community Schools?

 For college test prep and the Family Literacy Program, you’ll want to make Broward Community Schools your first stop. We make it easy to get the education you deserve in a way that fits your needs.


That’s why we offer online programing in many fields, if attending courses in person is difficult due to work or childcare. It’s also why our tuition is so inexpensive and why we have over twenty locations for our Broward County community schools.


It’s all designed to help set you on the right course for your educational, professional, and personal needs. Schedule an appointment with our admissions and registration team to learn more about the Family Literacy Program and our other great classes and get started today.