Tips for Taking Helpful Notes in Class From Our Schools in Fort Lauderdale

If you’re trying to retain information from class and do the best that you possibly can on that next exam, it pays to take good notes. At Broward Community Schools we offer plenty of adult education options, but one thing remains the same for all of our programs. Paying attention in class and taking useful notes is a necessity.

Let’s look at some steps that you can take to make your notes a more effective study tool.


Prepare for Class

Knowing what topic your class is going to focus on can help you take more effective notes. Instead of going in blind, you’ll know which areas are being covered and you’ll have some idea of what might be most important.


If you have questions about the material being covered, write them down and get ready to fill in answers during the class.


Keep Things Organized

It can be easy to get disorganized, especially if you’re taking a variety of classes and have some other stuff on your plate. That’s why making a conscious effort to keep your notes organized is key.


Date each page of notes and write the topic of your lecture. You can even number the pages, in case they get separated. If you’re taking notes on a computer, keep everything organized in easy to find folders. Remember to back them up too!


Pick the Organization Method that Works Best for You

Not everyone retains information in the same way. Figure out which method of organization works best with your comprehension. Maybe numbered paragraphs work best. Maybe you like tables and charts. Whatever your method, just make sure it works for you before you start earning your adult high school diploma.


Give Yourself Room to Write

If you’re writing on paper, leave room to add more notes later. Your lecturer might circle back to a topic, giving you time to add more information.

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