One of the educational offerings here at Broward Community Schools is an adult basic education. We get a few questions about this and how it differs from other programs, like our GED courses. An adult basic education, or ABE, has very specific educational goals.

What’s Taught in ABE

An adult basic education focuses on basic skills that any adult needs to get by. So ABE courses generally focus on reading, writing, and math. Whether you’re planning to pursue additional education or you’re just trying to get a job, these are basics that are going to come in handy.

Adult basic education classes are targeted at people who are not at the twelfth grade level or above in these crucial skills. By the end of their time spent in adult basic education, a student should be a better speaker, reader, and have a firm grasp on basic writing skills. Students will also have the essential math skills that they need for work, school, and life in general.

ABE classes can also help non-native speakers learn English. The job market can be tough enough without a language barrier to deal with, so learning English can make a big difference for job seekers.

An adult basic education can also help prepare students for a high school equivalency exam and obtaining a GED. The goal is to boost basic skills first, and then we can open up the path forward to additional educational opportunities. If you think that you need to improve your reading, writing, and math skills, our ABE courses will help you.

Take the Next Step in Your Educational Journey

If you’re looking for adult education classes near Fort Lauderdale, visit our website and learn more about our educational programs. We can help you learn more skills that can improve your job prospects or help you enter a new field.