For many students approaching the end of their high school careers, few things are as nerve-wracking as anticipating taking the SAT exam. Luckily, you can go into your exam with confidence by carefully preparing with Broward Community Schools.

Here’s how you can best prepare for your SAT exam and set yourself up for success as you apply for colleges.

SAT Prep Courses at Broward Community Schools

As with anything in life, the best way to excel on your SAT exam is to go in with clear expectations. That’s where prep courses come in. When you attend SAT prep classes here at Broward Community Schools, we’ll thoroughly go over all of the subjects that you can expect to encounter on your SAT exam.

We’ll also outline the format of the exam, including which sections will require you to use a calculator along with sections that require reading comprehension and retention skills. We can even go over the latest rules and format changes, so you can get a complete idea of what to expect when you visit the exam room.

Take Practice Tests

If you participate in sports or play a musical instrument, you know just how much of a difference practice makes. The same principle applies when preparing for your SAT exam. In addition to taking SAT prep classes to go over the material, you can take SAT practice exams based on the formats and questions of real SAT exams.

It’s recommended you take three to five practice tests of the SAT exam to maximize your chances of getting a score that stands out. Contact an education center near Fort Lauderdale today to learn more about how to prepare for SAT exam!