The Broward Community Schools offer plenty of classes that can help students access new job opportunities or a higher rung of educational achievement. However, we also offer plenty of classes that make it easier to learn some basic skills that can serve you well outside of the classroom.

One such class is our “Just Cooking” course. If your culinary skills don’t extend far beyond the microwave, this fun class should help you expand your horizons a bit. Learn the basic skills needed to cook different types of food across a variety of countries.

What “Just Cooking” Covers

Takeout can be expensive and unhealthy. Learning how to cook for yourself can save you a lot of money and help you live a healthier lifestyle. In our “Just Cooking” course, we’ll help you to do just that! You’ll learn how to measure out ingredients, mix them together, and cook them into delicious meals, desserts, and side dishes.

In this class you’ll cook up soups, breads, and pastries. Be prepared to learn about cuisine from different cultures and get the chance to work with ingredients fresh from a garden. By the end of the class, you’ll know your way around the kitchen, and have plenty of new things to cook.

Just Cooking Class Details

This course will take place on Mondays at Taravella High Community School, from six to eight at night. “Just Cooking” will run from January 24 to March 14, with a total of five sessions.

If you want to learn more about this class or any other community courses in Coral Springs, FL, visit our website. Whether you’re trying to learn new skills or advance your career, our schools and educators can help you reach your goals!