There are many reasons to withdraw from a course or class. Maybe you’ve realized that this particular field or educational opportunity isn’t for you or maybe something personal in your life has taken priority.

Whatever happens, we want to make withdrawing, and continuing your education at Broward Community Schools at another time an, easy process. If you have questions about course withdrawal, we’re ready to answer them.

Who is Responsible for Withdrawal?

The student is the one who needs to be ready to withdraw from the class. Your professor or instructor will not handle that step for you.

When Can I Withdraw?

You can withdraw and receive a full refund for your tuition during the first week of class. If you go into a course and decide that it doesn’t work for you, for whatever reason, then you need to withdraw quickly.

Are Any Fees Refundable?

In most cases, your activity and registration fee will not be refunded when you withdraw from a course.

What Do I Need in Order to Withdraw?

Keep your original receipt and proof of registration around just in case you need to withdraw from a course. Having that and the payment method used to register should be all that you need to withdraw.

Does a Withdrawal Impact my GPA?

No. You will not be graded for any course you withdraw from.

What if the Class Was Canceled?

Then there’s no need to formally withdraw at all. If your class is canceled. we will contact you and fully refund all of your fees. If you paid by credit card, you get refunded to that same card. 

If you have any more questions about our online classes or anything else, please visit our website. We’re ready to help you embark on the next stage of your academic journey!