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Interested in health, fitness, and beauty? You may want to consider our yoga course. It doesn’t just help you learn the basics of yoga, it’s a great way to stay healthy too.

What Does the Yoga Class Entail?

Our yoga course teaches Kundalini Yoga, which is more of a spiritual yoga than a traditional class you may have taken before. It is the yoga of awareness.

This class mixes exercise with relaxation and meditation to help you learn how to feel healthy in your mind, body, and soul. This class is great for stress relief, enlightenment, and learning how to cope.

When is it Offered?

This class is offered at Piper Community School in Sunrise, FL. It is taught every Tuesday evening from 6 to 7:30 pm. The class begins October 26 and ends January 4, 2022. There are eight sessions total. Please note, the course isn’t taught on November 23 or December 21 and 28, due to the holiday season.

How Do I Enroll?

You can easily enroll anytime with BCS Online Instruction Center, which is our 24/7 internet-based learning center. It is always open for registration. There is a $50 fee for our yoga course. There is also a $20 activity fee that applies per student and must be paid once per campus, per school year.

Ready to enroll in one of our schools in the Fort Lauderdale area? We can’t wait to have you! Reach out to our team to enroll or feel free to register online. Our yoga course is starting soon, so let’s get started today!