How To Earn Your GED at Broward Community Schools

Whether you left school at a young age or wish to follow a different educational path, earning your GED can open a world of opportunity. It can lead to higher-paying jobs and be the stepping stone you need to pursue further education.

Passing the GED exam is equivalent to earning your high school diploma and is accepted by employers and 99% of colleges.

The GED® Exam

The GED exam is made up of four test subjects. Each test subject covers topics that are taught in a standard high school curriculum.

The four test subjects include:

  1. Reading/Language Arts
    • Reading for Meaning
    • Identifying and Creating Arguments
    • Grammar and Language
  1. Mathematics
    • Basic Math
    • Geometry
    • Basic Algebra
    • Graphs and Functions
  1. Science
    • Reading for Meaning in Science
    • Designing and Interpreting Science Experiments
    • Using Numbers and Graphics in Science
  1. Social Studies
    • Reading for Meaning in Social Studies
    • Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies
    • Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies

You don’t have to take all four tests at once, allowing you to set your own pace. In Florida, the exam is offered in either English or Spanish.

Our GED® Prep Program

Whether you’ve been out of school for some time or wish for extra help as you self-study, a GED Prep Program is a great option to explore. While not required for those over 18 years old, a GED Prep Program can help you gain invaluable skills and knowledge to help you pass the exam.

At Broward Community Schools, we offer a comprehensive GED® Prep Program that helps you obtain the necessary skills required to pass the GED exam and earn a State of Florida High School Diploma. Our course not only helps you prepare for the exam, but we also motivate you to use your new skills in the workforce or by applying to further education.

This is an open-entry/open-exit program, allowing you the flexibility to base the time spent on the program around your needs. We also offer extended GED classes with a focus course on the Mathematical Reasoning module.

To learn more about our GED classes or additional classes we offer, including online classes, head over to our website or give us a call. You can also stop by one of our numerous campus locations, including our Fort Lauderdale Community School. Your Broward Educator looks forward to helping you earn your GED.