A high school degree can have a huge impact on your career search and the opportunities available to you. Even if your high school days have passed, that doesn’t mean that you have lost that opportunity.

We can help you work towards your GED at Broward Community Schools.

What is a GED?

A GED is a General Education Development test. This equivalency test helps determine if you have the level of a high school education, even if you haven’t actually completed high school. By earning a GED, you can show that you have earned a high school education which can help drastically in furthering your career.

Seven Tips to Help You Prepare

  1. Pick an appropriate test date that gives you time to prepare
  2. Enroll in a GED prep program
  3. Set up designated times to study
  4. Take practice tests
  5. Read studies in the appropriate fields
  6. Get computer-savvy
  7. Be prepared test day (get plenty of rest, eat breakfast, know where you are going)

GED Prep Program

We’re not surprised that caught your eye. A GED prep program can give you a huge advantage when taking your GED test. Our prep program gives you the skills you need to earn your GED.

You’ll receive specialized instruction in the four areas tested: reading/language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. The flexible program is an open-ended and open-entry program to allow you to get the instruction you need and move on when you’re ready.

Reach out to our team at Broward Community Schools if you are ready to start working towards your GED. We’ll help get you set up on the path to success. We look forward to helping you soon!