As the song goes, “It’s all just a little bit of history repeating.” Broward Community Schools offers a course in Genealogy so you can get a glimpse into your past and see the similarities and family traits in a way like you’ve never seen before. If family is important in life, than learning your family history is equally important to discovering who you are and where you’re lineage originated.


Using online databases, Broward Community Schools offers the tools and trades to help you dig deeper into your family history and get the most out of learning where your surname started. Using websites that offer family tree building is a start, but to truly get to the heart of where your history began, we help you create an accurate and, more importantly, comprehensive family history.


If you’re interested in where your family began, how far back they came to America or even a more in-depth look at who your ancestors were, sign up for Broward Community Schools Genealogy course. Get a better look at your family, with a better schedule for a better price, today.