How Do You Develop Adult Literacy Skills?

Online Classes

It’s estimated that 90 million adults living in the United States lack sufficient literacy skills. Worldwide, it’s suspected that 85 percent of adults aged 15 and older lack basic reading and writing abilities, with women accounting for two-thirds of those adults.

Luckily, our network of schools offers Broward adult education classes that can help you improve your literacy skills. Our adult education classes include offerings for everyone, such as GED classes, college test prep programs, and, of course, adult literacy classes.


The Dangers of Being Illiterate

Our adult education classes are offered in classroom settings at multiple campus locations. No matter where you’re at in your education, it’s generally a good idea to start with improving your literacy skills if you’re lacking in that area.

The dangers of having inadequate literacy skills are alarming. For starters, adults with poor literacy skills participate less in the workforce and those who are employed earn less than their more literate counterparts. Adults who lack literacy skills are less able to comprehend and act on information related to their health. People who don’t have sufficient literacy skills are less likely to read to their kids, which can negatively impact their children’s literacy development.

To avoid being a victim of the dangers just mentioned, check out our community schools calendar and sign up for Broward adult education classes that focus on literacy now!


Additional Ways to Pick Up Some Literacy Skills

In addition to taking classes through Broward Community Schools, you can do a few other things to pick up some literacy skills or improve your existing talents. You can visit your local library and check out some primers, which are books for people who are trying to learn to read.

While you can spend money on a tutor, you’re better off taking one of our courses because they’re more affordable and just like getting that one-on-one time with a tutor.

Our adult reading classes are small in size, so attending one is almost like having a private tutor. By attending one of our classes, you’ll pick up valuable skills with people who are trying to do the same in a supportive environment that’s geared to set you up for success.

Don’t put it off any longer – enroll with Broward Community Schools today. We look forward to seeing your name on our roster of valued students soon.