If you’re studying for your GED exam here at Broward Community Schools, you may be wondering just how far one can take you. What do you do after you receive your GED? What are your options?

Jobs That Require a High School Education or Equivalent

There are some jobs out there that look for candidates who have a high school education or the equivalent, like a GED. These jobs don’t require additional education, but they may require some type of specialized training once you’re hired. If you find the right field and a job that matches your skill set, this may be the only option you need to explore after you secure your GED.

College or Community College

Many who take the GED exam also have higher educational aspirations. That’s why applying to colleges or community colleges is another commonly exercised option by students who have just been awarded a GED.

There are four-year colleges and two-year community college programs to pick from, but keep in mind that college can be quite costly. It pays to research programs and figure out exactly what you want to do with your continued education.

Trade Schools or Programs

Students who have just secured a GED can also consider trade school. These are programs that are generally shorter than a four-year college program, and they focus on helping you learn a particular set of skills that can help you succeed in a given trade. Plumbers, electricians, and similar careers all start in a trade school program, and your GED has opened the door to many such opportunities.

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