If you’re ready to apply for colleges, our guide can help! Whether you’re graduating high school or you just completed your GED at Broward Community Schools, these tips can help you manage the stressful application season and find the right school for you!

Keep Deadlines in Mind

Different schools are going to have different deadlines for application submissions. Make sure that you keep track of all of the relevant deadlines and that you don’t miss out on the chance to apply to colleges, trade schools, and programs that interest you.

Take Time on Your Essay

If an application requires an essay, take your time on it. Do multiple drafts and edit carefully. You could also have someone else help you edit, since sometimes it’s tough to catch writing errors of our own. An outside perspective could be just what you need to really make your essay stand out.

Try to Visit Schools

If you’re planning to go to in-person classes, it’s wise to visit a few of the schools that you’re applying to. Whether you’re planning to stay in the dorms or commute, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on campus. If a school you visited doesn’t have a particularly exciting or active campus, then it may not be a good fit for you.

Look at Online Programs

There are more and more legitimate online classes and programs available in this day and age. These options could be more flexible than a traditional college education, making them ideal for students with jobs, caretaker responsibilities, or other obligations.

Picking out the right path forward can be tough, but with a bit of effort and research we’re confident that you can find the college that’s right for you!