The skills you learn at a Broward Community Schools ESOL class can go a long way. Whether you’re looking for a professional edge, the chance to pursue higher education, or simply want to make your daily tasks easier, time spent in this class is a valuable investment.

Here’s how you can apply those ESOL skills to real life.

Enroll in Other Courses and Classes

Once your English language skills have improved, you can enroll in other classes and pursue different educational opportunities. Your enhanced writing, reading, and speaking skills can all be an asset in any kind of class or course.

Whether you’re studying a trade or interested in a four-year college, you’ll find yourself relying on many of those skills learned and improved in your ESOL class.

Remove the Language Barrier in Everyday Life

When you don’t speak English well it can be difficult to communicate. This can make everyday tasks that native English speakers take for granted, like grocery shopping, going to a bank, or eating out a restaurant, far more difficult.

The skills that you worked on in your ESOL class will make it easier to communicate in all of these situations and in just about any other interaction you can think of.

Improve Your Career Prospects

Better English skills can also open the way to better or more varied career options. Knowing how to communicate well in English can be an asset in basically any career field and your improved skills could help you pursue more opportunities and higher-paying positions.

Our ESOL classes make it easy to learn at your own pace in a low-pressure environment. If you want to know more about how the skills taught in this adult education course can help you succeed and open new doorways, we’re ready to help you.