Do you have an interest in photography? Are you looking to improve your skills, develop a new hobby, or even work towards a career as a photographer? Then, you should consider taking our Analog Photography course at Broward Community Schools.

What Does the Class Cover?

This class covers black and white Analog (film) photography, which is a simple shoot, process, and print format. You will learn tips for the entire process from start to finish, with everything from loading your film to developing your own negatives. We’ll also address the different types of film cameras, film formats, and film speed.

When is it Offered?

The next Analog photography course begins October 25. It meets every Monday evening from 6 to 9 pm. There are eight total courses, ending January 3, 2022. The class meets in room 562 at Taravella High Community School in Coral Springs, FL. Before class begins, you want to ensure you have all the supplies you need. We will supply all the paper, chemicals, and darkroom equipment. You need to bring your own film camera, multigrade RC paper, and black and white film.

How Do I Enroll?

You can enroll anytime with our internet-based learning center at Broward Community Schools. It is always open. So, feel free to register online anytime! You can also conveniently pay online anytime through our eStore. The cost for the course is $117 and there’s also a $20 student activity fee (which is only charged one time, per student, per campus, per school year).

Ready to learn the art of black and white Analog (film) photography? Then it’s time to enroll in our photography course at Broward Community Schools! Class is starting soon, so make sure to get registered today!