Stringed instruments, whether big or small, are always as much a pleasure to listen to as they are to play and explore. Plucking at strings, strumming along or dancing your fingers across the ivory black and whites, creating inspiring, beautiful music or just playing around helps utilize talents and creativity for all ages. At Broward Community Schools, learning to play piano or guitar is not only available, but also highly enjoyable.

If you’re signed up for guitar courses, bring your instrument to each class to learn chords and eventually songs that all stem from learning to read sheet music and develop rhythm.

If you’re ready for a larger instrument, we supply the piano’s so that you can show up to class, sit behind the keys and play away while reading sheet music and developing your new musical skills.
Young or old, Broward Community Schools invites you to try your hands on either the strings or the keys to make beautiful music. Learn to read sheets, play incredible songs and enjoy a relaxing hobby to enjoy well after the courses have ended.