It can be hard  to learn any type of alternative medicine, while living in the west, but Eastern medicines are becoming more and more popular, accepted and medically conducive to healing. Broward Community Schools is proud to honor these traditions and teach you the Eastern philosophy of Alternative Medicines.


Whether you’re exploring the healing systems of the Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese Medicine, meditation or the connection between health and the human spirit, we are here to teach you all the alternative medicinal ways to heal. Spirituality in healing has been known to work phenomenally, and BCS is here to show you how to embrace these healing procedures.


Embrace Eastern philosophy and embrace your inner healer with the Alternative Medicine courses at Broward Community Schools offered as part of our Online Courses. Starting now, you can help make people better while enjoying better class times, better costs and a better education. It’s always better to make people better at Broward.