You’re sitting at your computer right now wondering how Broward Community Schools’ site was built. You’re clicking on links, reading this blog and thinking to yourself, “I bet I could do something like this.” Now, you can! Register for classes beginning on January 14th and get ready to begin your new hobby/career of web design.


With our course of web design, you’ll learn an array of graphics and design elements that will help not only set your web page apart from the rest, but also set you up with a new, marketable and useful skill. Anyone can create a web page, but not everyone has the skills and understanding to fully do it. Let our experts teach you the skills and knowledge base to create and design a website!

Once you’ve understood and mastered the web design course at Broward Community Schools, we can help move you on to bigger courses or you’ll be able to set off on your own and work in a web design field, either for your company you work for or your own business.