The ability to help another person achieve their dreams is one of the most rewarding pursuits. At Broward Community Schools, we are always looking for certified teachers in ABE/GED® and ESOL. We need those who are looking to help educate anyone and everyone and have any certifications from the Florida Department of Education. Help live your dream of educating while allowing others to chase their dream of higher learning.


Whether you’re looking to educate full time, part time, nights, weekends or anything in between, let us know and we’ll make sure that as long as you’re qualified, you’ll be helping educate anyone who needs help. Simply apply online, fill out your name, email, zip code, which class you’re interested in teaching and your availability and we’ll review. If you’re being considered for the position, we’ll contact you and let you know that your teaching services are not just valuable, but necessary at Broward Community Schools.


If you’re looking to teach at a better school with better hours for students and better times, BCS is the place for you. Don’t just allow your teaching skills to go to just any school, Broward Community Schools, at any of our 20+ locations, is the best place for your skills to educate your community. Contact us today!